Beware Electrical Vampires

Drive a stake in energy waste. Turn off Standby mode.

Energy vampires are sitting in dark corners, hiding under desks, and lurking on counter tops in offices across America. They take the form of office , personal electronics, and that draw when left in “standby mode.” These sneaky monsters continue to consume , even when equipment is idle or “shut off.”

While you can't unplug every device each time you use it, you can be energy smart and outwit the vampires. Use a power strip to shut off clusters of equipment with a single flip of the switch!

A vampire's insatiable thirst for electricity results in pain to the bottom line.

Estimates show that five percent of electricity used in the United States is wasted on standby power– about $4 billion a year! This is a statistic that can be really scary as energy prices continue to rise.

About 40 percent of the electricity being used to power electronic devices is consumed while those devices are in standby mode. Stealthy energy vampires include chargers for cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, and other devices that draw power when plugged in, even when disconnected from the gadgets they charge. Many deliver only half as much energy as they draw from the socket; the rest is wasted.

Energy vampires can be tough to find, especially in the daylight hours.

Darken the room to spot them. Glowing standby lights will reveal the hiding places where you can vanquish them!

Here's what to do:

Unplug them.

Unplug devices when you're done with them… like that phone charger, coffee maker, microwave, or new communications gadget.

Plug them in.

Plug printers, monitors, TVs, VCRs, and other peripheral equipment into a power strip with a surge suppressor and turn everything off with just one switch. (They also provide against power spikes even when they're switched off.)

Choose Energy Star equipment, appliances, and personal electronics. They meet EPA's strictest energy-efficiency guidelines.