Photovoltaics: What Else to Consider

No PV system is maintenance-free. Schedule regular inspections of your system to ensure that the wiring and contacts are free from corrosion, the modules are clear of debris, and the mounting has tight fasteners. You should also monitor the power output of your PV modules, the state-of- and electrolyte level of your batteries, and the actual amount of power that your loads use. Writing this information in a notebook is a good way to track your system's performance and help you determine whether your system is operating as designed. Monitoring will also help you understand the relationships between your system's power production, storage capability, and load requirements.

PV Can Power Your Future

PV systems can be cost-effective options for providing to your home or remote . However, they are not appropriate for all situations. Deciding whether a PV system is right for you depends on many factors. Therefore, conduct careful research and consult with PV equipment dealers and others who have installed these systems. If you then decide that a PV system is right for you, the power of the sun will take on a new meaning in your life.