Renewable Heating and Lighting RESOURCES

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

ACEEE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing energy as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection. ACEEE provides publications and guides on making your home more energy efficient.

Alliance to Save Energy

The alliance to Save Energy is a nonprofit coalition of business, government, environmental, and consumer leaders who promote the efficient and clean use of energy. Contact the alliance for information and publications on energy efficiency.

Efficient Windows Collaborative

Access helpful guidelines on window selection from this site.

Energy Star®

This site provides information on how to select ®windows, boilers, furnaces, , and other Energy Star® appliances and products.

Financing Solutions Web Site: Homeowners

The homeowners section of this Web site provides links to several resources on renewable energy financing.

GeoHeat Center

The GeoHeat Center provides technical/economic analysis for those actively involved in geothermal development. Technical material on resources, direct use equipment, design schemes, and software are also available.

Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium (GHPC)

The Geothermal Pump Consortium provides extensive information on the use of geothermal heat pumps.

Home Energy Saver

This site, hosted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, is designed to help consumers identify the best ways to save energy in their homes and access many “how to” resources. You can use an online calculator to compute your home's energy use and plug in energy efficiency improvements to see how much savings you can realize.

RESFEN Windows Software

This software package from the U.S. helps you evaluate windows.

Solar Benefits Model

This Web site allows you to calculate the benefits of including a solar water heating system in your new home.

Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC)

SRCC publishes the thermalperformance ratings of solar energy equipment. They also offer a directory of certified solar systems and collectors as well as a document (OG30091) that details the operating guidelines and minimum standards for certifying solar hotwater systems.

The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC)

The SBIC Web site provides design software and other resources for saving energy in buildings and effectively using solar energy.