Resources: Elements of an Energy-Efficient House

The following are sources of additional information on energy-efficient houses:

The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse (EREC) P.O. Box 3048 Merrifield, VA22116 1-800-DOE-EREC (1-800-363-3732) EREC provides free general and technical information to the public on many topics and technologies pertaining to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Organizations American Solar Energy Society, Inc. (ASES) 2400 Central Avenue, G-1 Boulder, CO 80301 Phone: (303) 443-3130; Fax: (303) 443-3212 Anational advocacy organization dedicated to the use of solar energy in buildings.

Building America U.S. Department of Energy Office of Building Systems, EE-41 1000 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, D.C. 20585-0121 Works with the home building industry to produce quality homes that use up to 50 percent less energy without costing more to build.

Efficient Windows Collaborative Alliance to Save Energy 1200 18th Street NW, Suite 900 Washington, D.C. 20036 Phone: (202) 857-0666; Fax: (202) 331-9588 Provides unbiased information on the benefits of energy-efficient windows, descriptions of how they work, and recommendations for their selection and use.

Energy Star® U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyPhone: (888) STAR-YES (1-888-782-7937) Provides lists of Energy Star®-qualified products, including and windows, as well as information on its energyefficient homes program.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Building Technologies Department MS 90-3111 Berkeley, CA94720 USA Phone: (510) 486-6845; Fax: (510) 486-4089 Provides information on past and current research in buildings energy efficiency.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory The Center for Buildings and Thermal Systems 1617 Cole Blvd. Golden, CO 80401 Provides information on energy-efficient buildings.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Buildings Technology Center P.O. Box 2008, MS-6070 Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831-6070 Phone: (865) 574-5206; Fax Number: (865) 574-5227 Provides information on research in buildings energy efficiency.

Sustainable Buildings Industry Council (SBIC) 1331 H Street, NW, Suite 1000 Washington, DC 20005-4706 Phone: (202) 628-7400; Fax: (202) 393-5043 Promotes the use of energy-efficient and passive solar building design and construction.

Web Sites

Building Energy Software Tools U.S. Department of Energy Office of Building Technology, State and Community Programs. Describes many energy-related software tools for buildings, with an emphasis on renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

Cool Roof Materials Database Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Assists with the selection of roofing materials that reflect instead of absorb the sun's radiant energy.

Green Buildings Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development. Provides information and links on energy-efficient buildings.

The Residential Energy Efficiency Database. Provides a wide-range of information on energy-efficient houses, including house plans.

Zip Code Insulation Database Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Provides information by zip code on the most economic insulation levels for new or existing homes.

Reading List

The following publications provide further information about energy-efficient home elements.

Books, Pamphlets, and Reports

Buildings for a Sustainable America Case Studies, B. Miller, ASES, 1997. Available from ASES or SBIC (see Resources).

Building Green in a Black & White World, D. Johnston, Home Builder Press, 2000; Phone: (800) 223-2665.

Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings, A. Wilson and J. Morrill, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, 2000; Phone: (510) 549-9914.

The Efficient House Sourcebook,R. Sardinsky, Rocky Mountain Institute. Available from SBIC (see Resources).

Energy Savers: Tips on Saving Energy and Money at Home.

Fine Homebuilding: Energy-Efficient Houses, Fine Homebuildingmagazine. Available from SBIC (see Resources).

Moisture Control Handbook: Principals and Practices for Residential and Small Commercial Buildings, J. Lstiburek and J. Carmody, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., 1993. Available from the Building Science Corporation at (978) 589-5100 (phone); (978) 589-5103 (fax); or www….…. The Passive Solar Design and Construction Handbook,M. Crosbie (ed), J. Wiley, 1997. Available for purchase from ASES (see Resources).

Residential Windows: AGuide to New Technology and Energy Performance,J. Carmody, S. Selkowitz, and L. Herschong, Norton Professional Books, 1996. Phone: 1-800-233-4830.

Insulation Fact Sheet, U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, 1997. Available from ORNLin PDF and HTML.

Periodicals Energy Design Update.Published by Cutter Information Corporation, 37 Broadway, Arlington, MA02474-5552; Phone: (800) 964-5118 or (781) 648-8700. This monthly newsletter contains information for professionals interested in energyefficient building technologies. Product reviews appear regularly.

Environmental Building News. 28 Birge Street, Brattleboro, VT 05301; Phone: (802) 257-7300. This bimonthly newsletter covers a wide variety of topics.

The Journal of Light Construction. Published by Builderburg Partners, Ltd., 932 West Main Street, Richmond, VT 05477; Phone: (800) 375-5981. This monthly journal often features articles on energy conservation techniques for the home builder.

Home Energy Magazine. 2124 Kittredge Street, #95, Berkeley, CA 94704; Phone: (510) 524-5405. It's a source of information on reducing energy consumption in the home.

Solpan Review. Published by Drawing-Room Graphic Services, Ltd., P.O. Box 86627, North Vancouver, BC V71 412 , Canada; Phone (604) 689-1841. This bimonthly newsletter features articles on energy conservation for the building industry, including information on new products and energy-efficient practices in residential construction.