The National Electric Code

The National Electric Code (NEC) was established in 1897 to ensure in all systems that generate, store, transport, and consume . You or the dealer who installs your PV system should be careful to follow NEC's requirements so that the PV system can be approved by local electric code officials. Be aware that many states require all electrical equipment to be installed by a licensed . However, many local code officials are not familiar with . Though you follow the provisions of NEC, you may have difficulty convincing a code official that you have installed a code-approved system. Contact and educate (if necessary) local code officials before you purchase and install the system. Throughout the installation process, invite them to observe what you or your dealer have done before you build any enclosure around wiring, connections, or other components. This will help ensure that your system receives approval and will also help future PV installers to get code approval.

Local insurance providers and lenders may also need to be educated about the safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of PV systems. Obtaining insurance will be easier in states where PV systems are more common.